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Unmanned Systems technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s career market. It is the future of aviation - It is the future of all transportation. Unmanned vehicles are used today in an ever-increasing number of industries such as agriculture, surveying, construction, mining, environmental sciences, commercial package delivery, public utilities/energy, cinematography and photography, search & rescue, and public safety/law enforcement. And all these industries are currently understaffed in qualified professionals.


Warren Community College is at the forefront of this emerging industry with a state-of-the-art UAS laboratory and outdoor multi-function “Flight Training Center” that includes dedicated take-off and landing pads for multi-rotor aircraft, launch & recovery areas for fixed-wing aircraft, an accident reconstruction training site, professional ground control points for engineers and research, NIST/AUVSI TOP pilot training and assessment/certification apparatus and a custom-designed drone racing course powered by DRONE ZONE NEW JERSEY A Culture of Professionalism

Our faculty comprises highly trained, certified pilot instructors and both aviation and unmanned systems industry professionals who are deeply committed to cultivating excellence and professionalism in this precision industry.

Our partners at WARREN are immersed in a stringent safety culture commensurate with professional aviation. They learn how to use and manage safety management systems, formal risk mitigation procedures, flight operations standardization, and detailed record-keeping practices vital to any professional operation.

Whether you’re an established professional looking to incorporate drone technology into your existing business and want to get the ball rolling by acquiring your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate or a working Part 107 remote pilot interested in gaining a competitive edge by earning advanced certifications or a college student looking to earn a degree in Unmanned Systems, Warren Community College has a program of study to suit your needs. We offer individual classes that can lead to industry certifications, one-year Certificate Degree programs, or a two-year Associates Degree in Applied Science for Unmanned Systems.

Bring us your professional goals, and we’ll help you craft a program to meet your needs.
Have questions? Email our Unmanned Systems Specialist

Together we will FLY!

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