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NDAA Compliant Drones

Precision, Reliability, and Patriotism

Tailored Solutions for Critical Operations

We understand the diverse needs of our clients in government, law enforcement, and the Coast Guard. That’s why we offer two unique drone builds, each tailored to meet specific operational requirements. Whether it’s for surveillance, search and rescue, or tactical missions, our drones provide the reliability and precision you need to succeed.


Talon - X650

The Talon X650 is a high-performance quadcopter with foldable arms for easy transport. It supports cameras from thermal imaging to 180x optical zoom, features a 30-minute flight time, a 13.5-pound payload capacity, and offers complete autonomous functions with mission planning capabilities. Discover top-tier technology with the Talon X650.


CQC Quad

Our CQC Drone is designed for close-quarter flying, making it ideal for situations like hostage rescues. With a 23-minute flight time and a 1080 HD FPV camera, it provides clear visuals and reliable performance. Equipped with multiple sensors, it ensures extremely stable flight indoors, even in the most challenging environments.


Custom Build

At [Your Company Name], we offer custom drone builds designed to meet your unique requirements. Whether you need specialized cameras or extended flight times, our experts will work with you to create a drone that fits your needs. Custom builds take up to 90 days, ensuring you receive top-quality technology tailored for your mission.


Why Choose Us?

Built to Order for Optimal Performance

Every drone we deliver is built to order, ensuring that it meets your exact specifications and needs. Our streamlined manufacturing process allows us to deliver your custom-built drone within 14 days, providing you with the advanced technology you need, precisely when you need it.

Flexible Geofencing Capabilities

Our drones come with the flexibility to set your own geofences, giving you complete control over where your drone operates. Unlike other drones with restrictive geofencing, our systems allow you to define operational boundaries as needed, enhancing your mission capabilities and operational security. Experience the difference in American-made quality and innovation. 

Unmatched Customer Support and Maintenance

We believe in supporting our clients beyond the initial purchase. We offer unmatched customer support and comprehensive maintenance packages with all our builds, ensuring your drone remains operational and reliable throughout its lifecycle. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

Experience the difference of American-made quality and innovation. Choose DroneZoneNJ for your next drone solution.

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